Tropics, blossoms and wine

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Tropics, blossoms and wine

Goes en Nieuwdorp

  • Animals /Plants
  • Cooking
  • Nature
  • Guided tour
Starting from € 61.50


The highlight of the day is a bus tour through the blossoms of Zeeland with an experienced guide. Fairylike in spring, beautiful in summer and colorful in fall.

10:00 am
In Goes, you will be greeted with a delicious cup of coffee or tea with a delicacy of Goes.

10:30 am
You are going to discover the tropics. The tropical forest is an 'ethnobotanical garden, whichc shows how important the combination: plants, people, planet is. There are around 350 different tropical plants that all tell a story. Together with a guide, you will discover the forest with all your senses.

12:15 pm
In a cozy restaurant near the water of Goes, you will be welcomed with a delicious warm lunch. The menu changes every season.

14:15 pm
After lunch, a guide will board on your bus and will show you the beautiful area of Kapelle where you can see amazing blossoms. The bus will drive past different kinds of fruit growing companies and the guide will tell you everything about the differtend kinds of cultivated fruits. The 
 U rijdt langs de verschillende soorten fruitteeltbedrijven en de gids vertelt u over de verschillende soorten fruit die gekweekt worden. The history and environmental factors of the fruit cultivation around Kapelle are explained in detail.

16:00 pm
To close the day, you will have a guided tour at a winery in Zeeland. The fertile clay of Zeeland is ideally suited for berry cultivation. The favorable climate with its many hours of sunshine ensures full ripeness, taste and color of the berry. Berries of Zeeland are therefore very suitable for making wine, juice, jam and sauces. During this excursion you will get an explanation about the berry cultivation and the wine making process, of course you will not miss tasting a glass of berry wine!

17:30 pm
End of program.

In the group arrangement “Tropics, blossoms and wine” is included:

  • Welcome with coffee/tea and a delicacy of Goes
  • Visit and tour tropical forest
  • Warm lunch
  • Fruittour with guide
  • Visit and tour winery
  • Administration and agency fee


Location address

Tropen, Bloesems en Wijn
  • Address
    Goes en Nieuwdorp


Groepsarrangementen Zeeland



  • Near the city /village



  • Dutch
  • Cooking
  • Animals /Plants
  • Nature
  • Nursery
  • Guided tour
  • Wine producer


General price information

The price depends on the group size. We are pleased to inform you about the exact price.