On your bike!

You don’t have to be called Bradley Wiggins to enjoy cycling ! Forget about the Tour de France, never mind the Olympics, you can  cycle with the best in the Netherlands.

Try out this beautiful flat country by the sea, in our Province called Zeeland (sea and land) you can cycle as you have never done before….. And what’s more, since the invention of  the e-bike you are never too old to cycle! A new lease of cycle life has been given to cyclists of any age or ability, as the battery support of the e-bike enables the rider to pedal into the wind, up hills, or (in our case) dikes, without effort. It feels as if you have the wind behind you – all the way, all the time!

On the electric bicycle you can cycle until you drop …..drop in at one of the restaurants, tea rooms or café’s especially equipped to load up your batteries, in more ways than one.

Zeeland offers the safest cycle routes, separate cycle lanes away from the motorized traffic, criss crossing the province. An ingenious connecting route system provides choice and guidance in finding the most scenic routes and adding up the distances you want to travel. It will simply take you where you want to go.

Unless you try, you’ll never know what you are missing……

Marianne Fenning